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Nous Assistons Les Jeunes à travers L'Education

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PYE-Promouvoir les jeunes à travers l’éducation est un programme multiculturel visant à promouvoir la jeunesse. PYE-est un programme de renforcement de capacité de jeunes dans la région du Kivu.

Learning Space

PYE map on the youth issues and address them as avails a permanent common professional learning space. Promoting Youth through Education, is a youth multicultural program

Life Experience

Exchange each other’s life experience among the youth in the environment where there is not promising educational system on one hand, and non-affordable education on the other hand.

Teaching languages

Basically English, French, Spanish, Chinese and local languages

Common Works

Our Volunteers live and work side by side to make our City a wonderful place for Everybody.


PYE-Promoting youth through Education is a multicultural Youth promotion program aiming at youth promotion and was built to empower and train emerging youth to do work that matters and impact the community. PYE est a youth empowerment program based in the Kivu region, DR Congo. PYE connects youth and values the talents among youth through capacity building, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Our Vision

Have an educated youth that communicates the community values through communication skills.

Our Mission

Empower the youth on language and civic engagement skills.

Overall Objective

Youth empowered in language skills and engaged civically.

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